About WIND-projekt

Planners with a local background for us in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania

WIND-projekt Ingenieur- und projektentwicklungsgesellschaft mbH 

is an independent engineering enterprise, located in Börgerende near Rostock which has been dedicated to the planning, realization as well as operation of on- and off-shore wind energy projects since 1994.

Apart from the planning and implementation of projects, the product range also comprises technical and business administration, so that WIND-projekt is available and can function as a project partner from the development via the operation right up to the final demolition of the plants, thus ensuring a holistic and comprehensive offer.

In pursuing the ambitious target of the energy transition in Germany and at the same time maintaining environmental compatibility as well as acceptance in the population, the wind power branch is facing enormous challenges. This comprises the question of the integration of wind power in the existing energy infrastructures, the further technical development of the plants with regard to a constant, affordable, resource and environmentally sustainable supply on a renewable basis as well questions of the participation of citizens and communities that are to be involved in the process of energy transition.

WIND-projekt is confronting this responsibility and has already planned and implemented a number of innovative schemes. Their range of projects comprises off-shore projects in the Baltic Sea, the support and installation of new plant technology as well as the development of renewable storage technologies. In this respect, WIND-project is active nearly exclusively in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and has always been supporting a strengthening of the regional economy in order to guarantee a best-possible value added locally.

This successful commitment is now to be expanded with a further project in the region of the communities of Pripsleben, Tützpatz and Gültz, thereby following different innovative approaches, which you will be able to inform yourself about under “Projekt”.

For several years WIND-projekt has been dealing with renewable energy storage systems. In this context, the company has been successfully implementing the project of RH2-WKA since 2011. Part of this project are an enormously powerful wind farm (appr. 140 MW installed capacity) in the communities of Grapzow, Werder and Altentreptow as well as a directly connected energy storage system on the basis of renewable hydrogen (RH2). Thus for the first time in the projects so far, wind power can be stored in the form of renewably produced hydrogen that can be reconverted into energy without CO2. 


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Wind farm

Newest plant technology for consistent wind power supply.


Wind-Hydrogen System

Wind power becomes storable and stays CO2-free. 



New technology links power and gas markets.


Economic participation

Hand in hand to joint success. 


About Windprojekt

Planners with a local background for us in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania.