New technology links power and gas markets

Over the previous years, power-to-gas technology has developed rapidly. It connects the power market with the gas market. Our planned power-to-gas plant for the feed-in of pure hydrogen is the first of its kind in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania.

For the implementation of a hydrogen feed-in into the gas grid the close proximity of a natural gas pipe with a sufficient volume is of crucial importance.

In consultation with the local gas grid operators, the company ONTRAS, possible feed-in points along the gas pipe FGL 91 could already be localised.

In the generation of power from wind and sun the transport of the electric power to the customer is a vital point. Over the last years, the power lines have only been restrictedly prepared for the expansion of renewable energies. Therefore there have lately been times of bottlenecks in the power supply lines and even situations when the grid could not transport any additional power. The solar and wind turbines have to be shut down despite the fact that the wind is blowing and the sun is shining. 

The long-distance grid for natural gas only has a length of nearly 47.000 km, transporting several 100 TWh (1TWh = kWh) of energy. Moreover, more than 20 billion m³ of natural gas are stored in dozens of storage units in Germany. Thus the natural gas grid with its storage facilities is one of the biggest energy storage in Germany. If hydrogen that was generated from renewable energy sources can be fed into the natural gas grid, this huge storage can be used for the diversification of wind power.



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New technology links power and gas markets.


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