+++ Commune of Tützpatz sets course for cooperation +++

23.12.2015 - Tützpatz

In its last meeting in 2015, the commune of Tützpatz has concluded a specific roadmap for a cooperation in the RH2-PTG project, which includes a step to the operation of wind turbines. This was planned from the beginning and has now been substantiated. The commune, which had founded a working group “wind energy”, has been supported by the Städte- und Gemeindetag M-V (Association of Municipal Councils of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern) and a specialized company from the region, so that a substantiated result could be achieved. In addition to the possible operation of wind turbines, a new electricity tariff for the households in Tützpatz was included. The decision of the municipal council was unanimously.

WIND-projekt reacted positive to the decision. „We are glad, that it was possible to reach a consensus” said a spokesman. With this, both municipalities, Tützpatz and Gültz, have shown, that there is a possibility for a compatible realization of the project, taking into account the municipal interests.