+++ Electrical energy grid experts from the Himalaya state Bhutan and the University of Rostock visit Grapzow +++

26.05.2016 - Grapzow

In the course of the cooperation with the University of Rostock in the project RH2-PTG, WIND-projekt today greeted a group of experts from the University of Rostock and their guests - representatives of the operator of the national Bhutanese water power plants – to discuss the energy supply and the grid stability in the Himalaya kingdom. Run-of-river power plants are the major energy source in Bhutan. The guests were very interested in the energy storage technology and in the direct integration of the wind turbines into the system. The topic grid stability in a changing energy system concerns Germany as well as Bhutan. Both countries need innovative projects to ensure the energy supply of the future, the participants agreed. The planned expansion of the energy storage system to a self-contained start power plant based on 100% renewable energy aroused particular interest. The representatives of WIND-projekt also enjoyed the professional discussion and look forward to further joined meetings.