+++ Future school leavers as guests in Grapzow also this year +++

10.03.2015 - Börgerende / Grapzow

The problems of the energy transition and renewable energies concern all ages and are especially important for the young generation. Therefore, last-year students from Altentreptow could inform themselves about the fields of wind power and energy storage in Grapzow also in this year. The students appeared to be very interested with their questions not only concerning the local activities. Today’s visit in the energy storage plant as well as at a wind power plant nearby clearly showed that the school-leavers are also concerned with the wider context of environmentally friendly power generation and distribution up to the security of the power supply. WIND-projekt considers this generation to be that part of the population most affected by the climate change and at the same time a crucial factor for the success of the energy transition. WIND-projekt wishes all future school-leavers lots of success in their upcoming examinations.