+++ Greenpeace Energy study shows importance of power to gas technology +++

24.08.2015 - Hamburg

Today, Greenpeace Energy presented a study which substantiates the importance of the power-to-gas technology (PTG-technology). The study explains, that gases, which are produced from electricity which itself is generated by wind turbines – so called “Windgas” – can have significant positive effects on the energy system in general and especially on the implementation of the Energiewende. With the use of PTG-technology, a 100% supply with renewable energies can be achieved and in the same time the costs for the Energiewende can be reduced by several billion Euros. According to the study, especially the direct use of hydrogen (in opposite to methanation) has a potential for high efficiency and low cost. The study demands more investments in this technology and framework conditions set by the politic which encourage said investments. WIND-projekt sees itself strengthened on its way and will endeavor to contribute its part to the further development of the PTG-technology.