+++ Technology development keeps attracting international interest +++

26.11.2014 - Börgerende / Grapzow

Yesterday WIND-projekt was happy to meet another European delegation at the site of their energy storage plant near Altentreptow. This time the guests were energy experts from Poland who wanted to get informed about the state of affairs of the development of renewable energies and the corresponding technologies. Besides the Federal centre for Renewable Energies in Neustrelitz (Landeszentrum für Erneuerbare Energien) the delegation visited the energy storage plant in Altentreptow. The experts confirmed the importance of further developments in the field of the combination of different energy systems on the basis of green energy in order to gain more energy independence from imports. This point was allocated a growing importance by the debates surrounding the crisis in the Ukraine and the energy imports from Russia in this context. WIND-projekt was happy about the high-quality guests and feels vindicated in their way to consequently further develop the location of sites within the framework of RH2-PTG.