+++ Commune of Gültz approves RH2-PTG project +++

03.11.2015 - Gültz

At its current meeting, the municipal council of Gültz has approved the RH2-PTG project with a specific catalogue of measures. The catalogue contains rent incomes, a need-oriented lighting system to minimize the lighting of the wind turbines at night as well as a new, cheaper electricity tariff for the household over the entire operation time of the wind farm. In addition, measures for the manor house and park were set up to improve the current situation. Preceding the decision, long talks in the working group and the municipal council had taken place. In the light of the previous concerns regarding the historic preservation and the acceptance in general, this decision is without doubt a success for WIND-projekt.

With “This compromise is a solution, that meets the requirements of all parties. Especially the new electricity tariff shall make sure, that not only the commune but also the citizens will benefit directly from the project”, a WIND-projekt spokesman said.