+++WIND-project welcomes students of the universities of Wismar and Neubrandenburg in Grapzow+++

12.01.2017 - Börgerende / Rostock

As part of the ongoing cooperation with universities, especially from M-V, WIND-project welcomed two visiting groups from Wismar and Neubrandenburg at the energy storage facility in Grapzow. The students were practical informed about the energy transition by showing a wind turbine of the manufacturer Enercon with an output of 7.500 kW and also by showing an energy storage system to store fluctuating wind power in the form of hydrogen. Technical questions of the existing turbines and energy storage system were answered as well as landscape planning issues concerning the project.

WIND-project is always very pleased with the existing interest of young people in climate-friendly technologies for energy generation and energy storage and will continue to push ahead the cooperation with the universities.