+++WIND-projekt welcomes Flemish Minister of Energy in Grapzow+++

23.06.2017 - Grapzow

Last Friday WIND-projekt welcomed again high-ranking guests in Grapzow. The Flemish Minister of Energy, Bart Tommelein, visited with a delegation the existing energy storage facility and associated wind farm. Furthermore, the directors of the 50 Hertz GmbH Boris Schucht and Dr. Frank Golletz, as well as Dr. Patrick Graichen (AGORA Energiewende) were present. Belgium would like to expand its wind energy generation and for this reason the transmission network operator 50 Hertz organized such a visit in Germany. The Minister was able to gain an actual overview of the state of the storage technologies in the renewable energies sector and discuss in personal talks with the CEO Carlo Schmidt and other experts about future and necessary steps on the way to the implementation of the energy targets. As a special feature of the day, WIND-projekt organized an ascent of an Enercon E-126 for the guests and they were able to convince themselves directly of the productivity and the enormous dimensions of today’s existing wind turbine generators.

WIND-projekt is again confirmed by this visit in their activities and will continue to promote the expansion of renewable energies and regenerative storage technologies.